The Step-by-Step SiMPL Process Guides You from Idea to Market

Get a validated, step-by-step process that takes the mystery out of creating high-value solutions, competitive deal flow, and high-quality new ventures

Creating Patents, Profitable Products, and Growing a Business Should Not Be a Mystery

Without the practical processes and skills people need to create valuable products and to multiply their businesses, they’ll pay a high price…

Entrepreneurs and inventors shouldn’t have to make their journey without a clear process to follow.  Request a consultation about the SiMPL Process to get everything you need to become a successful Solutionary and business owners — With SiMPL, entrepreneurs will quickly learn how to build commercial value, launch profitable products that are in demand, and grow business.

Our SiMPL Process Aligns Innovations to the Resources Required to Achieve Success

Like any business, new technology ventures require a unique, competitive advantage in order to succeed. For individuals and organizations to achieve their goal of delivering Big Ideas to Market predictably, five success factors are needed:

Visualize and Track Your Progress Through the 9 Commercial Readiness Levels with the Online SiMPL Dashboard

Get visibility and control of your projects and ensure alignment between innovations, the startup process, and the resources required to achieve success. 

Our SiMPL Process helps you identify the right goals, key result areas, objectives, and milestones across 9 SiMPL Readiness Levels so you can map the appropriate critical success factors to each step.  The optimized SiMPL Process is packaged up into a customized digital tool for easy management of every project.  

Use the SiMPL Process digital dashboard as an effective communication tool to educate your stakeholders and attract resources and drive engagement.

Align The Right People to the Process at the Right Times, so Time, Talent, and Treasure Contributions are Maximized.

Different types of people are needed at distinct phases of the translation process from ideas to high-value solutions, to deal flow, to high-quality ventures, to scale.  Our SiMPL Process not only describes these phases, but also identifies which Solutionary type and which experts are most effective at driving key results along the journey.  Here is where your startup team can take our SiMPL Solutionary Quiz for free.

Inventors use instinct and integrative thinking to solve real problems that generate the idea or solution.

Developers assess the idea, discern its merit, clarify it, and even transform it so it can become more valuable all the while generating enthusiasm and fostering unity around it. 

Sellers raise the level of productivity by ensuring good deal flow to the project, transitioning projects into companies, implementing the final solution, and launching on-time into the marketplace with speed and agility.

Find out which Solutionary Type you are?

Take the Solutionary Type Quiz

Build a Solutionary Startup

How to Build a Solutionary Startup: The 5-Step Checklist

Request the FREE checklist that gives you a step-by-step plan for how to grow a thriving startup with other solutionaries. You won’t believe how much value we packed into this FREE PDF for inventors and entrepreneurs.


Leverage The The 5 Big Idea SiMPL™ Standards in your own business or help your clients.

Become a Certified Agent or Solutionary™ with SiMPL Ideas

Join The League of Solutionaries and shape the direction and path of progress for those taking their big ideas to market.  Connect with inventors, developers, and sellers in a trusted community — over the phone or in person, through forums or virtual events, or longer-term projects. 

Learn first-hand from SiMPL Ideas how to form Idea Clusters, utilize the 5 Big Ideas SiMPL Standards with teams, companies and individual inventors and leverage the SiMPL System in your own business.

Our online training or the fast-paced, 2-day training is jam-packed with tools and content that will make you an expert at utilizing this model with clusters, teams and clients.

The SiMPL System
Certification Training
2-day workshop option
The League of Solutionaries membership

Who should become a certified Agent or Solutionary?


Benefits to Certification:

During the training, you will receive insights on how to:

  1. Proficiently interpret ideas, analyze market, IP, and tech gaps, follow your heart and gut, recommend solutions, design blueprints, and deliver rapid-response solutions
  2. Drastically enhance innovations and increase value and market readiness levels – you might even invent something yourself
  3. Master the Big Idea Models and boost the client’s communication about their ideas
  4. Guide leaders towards increased engagement with experts and other support
  5. Anticipate and discern hidden hurdles
  6. Develop extraordinary solutions to global unmet needs

Leverage The The 5 Big Idea SiMPL™ Standards in your own business or help your clients.