A Invention Plan For The Non-Inventor Types

A six-step plan to come up with Big Ideas from old ideas for revenue and profit. 

Lots of people try to come up with valuable ideas, and just can't. But that’s only because they’re going about it the wrong way.

This happens to too many people…

Valuable Big Ideas don’t just come from a burst of inspiration. Usually, they are in plain sight.

Old Ideas Made New

Leverage someone else's old ideas to build yourself a valuable startup

Is there a way to discover a new solution… without inventing anything new?

With the Old Ideas Made New Process, there is. In this process, you’ll learn the six steps of Old Ideas Made New and how to implement them so that you discover a solution valuable enough to build a startup from it. After you follow the plan, you’ll know how to repeat this over and over again.

This course will show you how to find old ideas that have value and transform them into Big idea Solutions. With the online SiMPL discovery tool, included with this plan, you’ll put old ideas into a queue that you can start evaluating for the 5 Big Idea SiMPL Standards immediately.

6-Step Process

SiMPL Discovery Tool

How it Works


the Process

Find Old

Confidently Transform Them Into New Better Ones

What do I get with the Plan?

Online Modules and Videos

7 modules and 17 videos that teach you the Old Ideas Made New, in addition to how to practically implement it

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step-by-step instructions on how to craft the exact words to say in sales conversations

SiMPL Discovery Tool

Access to the free Online SiMPL Discovery Tool to create your sales talking points


Downloadable workbook to help you master the framework


Assessments to measure your progress

What are The 5 Big Idea SiMPL™ Standards?

There are five areas of your original idea that need to be clarified and optimized in order to galvanize people around it, attract resources to it, and finish it so it can fly far and fast.


What is the STORY?

Identifying urgent vital needs for meaningful impact & returns

Is the IDEA Unique?

Innovating for disruptive products & new categories


Discerning different vertical markets for growth & dominance

Is The PRODUCT ready?

Validating concepts and market insertion strategies for saving time & cost

How Is It Leveraged?

Galvanizing support and creating defensible IP for high-value teams & assets