Bringing Life to Big Ideas for Positive, Meaningful Impact

 We are working towards a future where little miracles happen everyday to empower people, projects, and communities.

“Entrepreneurism was never intended to be a solo adventure. It is meant to allow you to thrive with others, to be exciting. It is a world of impossibilities, persistent risk, failure, outrageous success, and adrenaline.”
Rich Jarvis
Creator of all things SiMPL

The Principles that Lead Us


Don’t seek out a project before becoming a brilliant team, instead do lots of little things right and build trust (or the project will resist you or at least it will slow you way down)

Unity Of Effort​

Don’t work in isolation and expect to build the best solution, instead find others with collaborative ideas (and not be blind-sided by competition eventually)

Noble Purpose

Don’t let fear, especially of how it will happen or when, stand in your way, instead focus on why it's important (and do the job that only you can do)

Shared Rewards​

Don’t worry about IP, revenue, or ownership, instead, worry about solving the unmet need uniquely, better, and faster (and the rest will take care of itself)

Our Story

The Creator of all things SiMPL

For fifteen years, Rich Jarvis has been working with inventors to help them take their ideas to market more successfully, with less risk and time. In 2012, he co-founded the Blueprints Lab, a firm dedicated to assisting academia, industry, and government organizations with commercialization. It was during this time that he created the Inventor, Developer, Seller Solutionary Types.  He has several patents and sits on the board of both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations.

In 2019, Rich began to question why 97% of inventions fail to commercialize in the united states.  Frustrated with the technology transfer and commercialization process at universities and in the U.S. military, The 5 SiMPL Standards and The 9 Readiness Levels were born. Since that time, SiMPL has helped many individuals and teams clarify their original ideas and transform them into higher-value concepts, products, and companies.

Our People

Richard Jarvis

SiMPL Founder | Director

JiNan George

IP Forecasting | Transformation

Scott Robison

Tech Approval Board | Transfer

Steve Chelette

Tech Development | Transfer

Taylor Hobbs

Tech Development | Transfer

Julie Vo ​

ITM Foresight | Storyteller

Tonya Jarvis

Market Development | Transfer

Demise Emerine

ITM Foresight | Transformation

Andrew Whalen​

ITM Foresight | Assessment

Robert needham

Franchising | Sales

Chad Buckles​

ITM Foresight | Assessment

Senior Military Advisors

Tech Advisors | Transfer

Our approach

Big Ideas that make positive, meaningful impact. And the people who create them thrive in peace and joy.

Our hope is that bringing meaningfully unique Big Ideas into the world to meet vital needs will no longer be a mystery for solutionaries and entrepreneurs. We are working towards a future where a Million Miracles happen, which can be recorded.  SiMPL is about a brilliant entrepreneurial community grounded in good character, that is marked by being practical and hopeful, and a culture of getting things done.  Let us help you take your Big Idea to market.

Boerne, TX

PO Box 1234
Boerne, TX 78006