Transform Your Ideas
into Startup-Ready Solutions

Without a high-value, startup-ready solution funders and customers will ignore you. When you transform your ideas using the SiMPL Method, deals close.

The Three Types of Solutionaries


Dream, contemplate, identify, and solve vital needs for improvement or change with Big Ideas.  Synchronize best with discovery, research, and concept validation.


Discern the merit, workability, and readiness of Big Ideas, and rally support. Synchronize best with actionable data, innovation, and business strategy.


Initiate support and ensure Big Ideas get funded, and results are achieved. Synchronize best with business formation, key roles, and product deployment.

Discover Your Solutionary Type

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Learn instantly what Solutionary Type you are so you can engage others better and play a more significant, fulfilling part in their projects.

" It's necessary that some are inventors; and some, developers; and some, sellers;... and for the phases to be separated so each can do what they do best. Then, when synchronized and aligned to a noble vision, a whole stream of events issues in their favor that no one could've imagined would come their way as this new idea attracts everything it needs to come to life... "
Rich Jarvis
Creator of all things SiMPL

Are you Ready to be a Part of a Big Idea Solution? What is your PRL (Peak-State Readiness Level)?


 It is said that “new wine is found in the cluster.”  We believe that simple, but remarkable ideas are best discovered in a cluster of people ready to work together in unity, with trust and purpose. Get to your peak state and engage experts and assist other Solutionaries with their project by attending a Million Miracles Hour and taking the PRL Assessment.

There are 5 ways you can engage with SiMPL. Which one is right for you?

Talk with a SiMPL Solutionary™

Wondering about where to start or have a problem you want to solve with a Big Idea?  Talk with a SiMPL Solutionary to get your questions answered and receive important guidance on taking the next step of your entrepreneurial journey.

Join Million Miracles LIVE

Learn more about your Solutionary Type and explore how to apply it to your life. Find synchronicity with ideas, business elements, roles or other Solutionaries and discover unity-of-effort projects at a Million Miracles online or in-person near you.  

Take the Idea Assessment

Want to Get Your Big Ideas Funded?  Take The Idea Assessment and learn the 5 SiMPL Standards.  They help you clarify and adjust your original idea and guide you toward transforming it into a higher-value and lower-risk asset ready for funding or transfer.

Invite Rich to Speak or

Book a Workshop

Want to rally your community? Invite Rich Jarvis or a SiMPL Solutionary for real conversations about everything from The 3 Types of Solutionaries, The 5 Big Idea Standards, and The 9 Readiness Levels to doing business that lifts an industry, a community, or an entire nation, filled with his trademark mix of philosophical thinking and practical action steps.

Workshop topics include:

Launch Your Own Online SiMPL Community for Your Organization

Entrepreneurs and inventors shouldn’t have to go it alone. We offer a built-for-you SiMPL Community online platform so you get everything you need to help local Solutionaries become successful entrepreneurs and business owners – Request a consultation about starting your own SiMPL Community today.

What Does A High-Value Solution Look Like?​

Unique | Vital Need Potential | High-Value Market Pull | Clear Market Insertion | Defensible

How it works


Take a 2-minute IDS quiz, it's FREE! Get a snapshot of what type of Solutionary you likely are, so you can get to work in your area of genius. Because the journey of an entrepreneur is meant to be exciting and fun, not frustrating. Join Million Miracles LIVE and learn how to apply your Type within a Solutionary Cluster. Learn the SiMPL Method from one of our SiMPL Solutionaries who will guide your Cluster and foster engagement and a start-up mentality.


Harness the collective wisdom of your cluster to co-create ideas and evaluate them early using the Idea Assessment tool. Schedule a Discovery Session with a SiMPL Solutionary to develop the ideas further by applying actionable business intelligence from key market, tech, and IP spaces. Add the element of experience and “timeless instincts” available from SiMPL Experts to avoid guesswork, so you can build higher-value products with more certainty and lower-risk market insertion points.


Validate and test Big Ideas with experts and customers prospects before launching to reduce time-to-Startup-Readiness. When you use the 9 SiMPL Readiness Levels to validate inventor claims and simplify due diligence, there is less risk for funders and licensees, so they engage earlier in the process. That means deal flow is easier and funding costs you less and you'll receive more of the revenue stream!

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